Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the KLEKSI collection management system? Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed and do you have more questions? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on this website. We are happy to answer all your questions.

  • Can KLEKSI be linked to our existing website?

    Yes, KLEKSI can be linked to any website or integrated into an (existing) website.

  • Our website is maintained by an external agency or system administrator. How does the communication work?

    If your website is maintained by an external party or by a system administrator, you do not have to act as an intermediary. If changes are necessary, we will contact the external party directly (with your approval of course). We try to unburden you as much as possible so that you can continue to focus on your work.

  • Our data is stored in the cloud, do we retain ownership of our data?

    Yes, you remain the owner of your data at all times. We have chosen Amazon cloud servers. One of the reasons is that Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers standard contract terms in accordance with the new European laws and regulations regarding data and privacy. This way, your data remains within Europe and is also stored encrypted so that third parties cannot use your data.

  • How many collections can I create?

    The number of collections depends on your license. With the LITE license you can create up to 5 collections, with the BASIC license up to 50 collections and with a PREMIUM or PRO license you can create unlimited collections.

  • Can I also create sub-collections?

    Yes, with a PREMIUM or PRO license you can create unlimited sub-collections. You can create several new sub-collections under each collection.

  • Are images saved in high resolution?

    Yes, images are automatically resized and optimized but without loss of quality to prevent a long loading time for visitors to your collection and to save data traffic. The original file must of course also be a high resolution.

  • What happens to the original images I put in KLEKSI?

    These are stored raw in the file manager. When adding a new object you can select the corresponding images from the file manager. A new smaller image is then created without loss of quality to keep the data traffic as low as possible. The original remains untouched.

  • Is the original image used for the deep zoom function?

    No, for the deep zoom function the original image is cut into blocks and saved in separate parts so that a long loading time for visitors to your collection is avoided and so that the image can still be viewed in a high resolution. This technique is similar to Google maps where the world map is also divided into blocks to avoid long loading times.

  • How much time support am I entitled to per month?

    By default, you are entitled to support for half an hour per month. A fair-use policy also applies here. If you occasionally need longer support, you will not be charged for this. If your organization structurally needs more support per month, we will discuss this with you and make agreements about this with you.

  • I have special wishes regarding KLEKSI, can they be integrated?

    Yes, KLEKSI is continuously developed by us. New functions are being developed in collaboration with museums and heritage institutions, which will also be available to other organizations afterwards. In this way we work with you to create the best collection registration system available. If you have specific wishes that only apply to your organization, we will discuss the options with you.

  • How many objects can I place in KLEKSI?

    In principle unlimited, but this depends on the subscription you have chosen.

  • What kind of objects can I document?

    KLEKSI was initially developed for museums and heritage institutions that archive and document objects from antiquity. Currently, objects such as paintings, sculptures, drawings to prints and books can be archived. Soon it will also be possible to archive and document video files and audio files.

  • Can a visitor to our website search our database?

    Yes, visitors to your website can search by words. For this we have implemented elasticsearch so that suggestions are shown to your visitors in the event of typing errors. In addition, the KLEKSI frontend offers an extensive filter option that allows you to filter on the properties of objects.

  • Can I add multiple images to an object?

    Yes, it is possible to place multiple images with an object. In addition, you can also add images that you do not want to make public, such as images of defects or restorations that you want to document.

  • Can I create categories and subcategories myself?

    Yes, in KLEKSI, default categories and subcategories are already set for you. You can manage these yourself according to your own wishes and add or remove them if necessary.

  • Can visitors to our website share the collection with friends and acquaintances?

    Yes, every collection and every object can be shared with friends and acquaintances via social media.

  • Are all objects and data public for visitors to our website?

    No, you can indicate for each object or object data whether or not it may be made public.

  • I don't want to make my collection public. Is that possible?

    Yes, you can also use KLEKSI for 'internal use' only. With the standard installation package, no link is made with your website.

  • Can I add the KLEKSI Frontend to my site myself?

    Yes, you will receive a file from us that you (or your web builder) can implement in your website. If desired, we can also take care of this for you. This work is part of the installation, there are no additional costs involved.

  • What does KLEKSI cost?

    The costs depend on the installation and the subscription you have chosen. More information about this can be found on the "Pricing" page.

  • Can data be imported from my current system?

    Yes, we can transfer the data from your existing collection management system to KLEKSI. KLEKSI has developed an import function for the most common collection management systems. If your data is stored in only 1 database, we will transfer the data to the KLEKSI environment for you free of charge. If you have more than 1 database with data that needs to be transferred or if you have a non-standard system, we can make an estimate for you in advance about the costs of transferring your data.

  • Is it possible to get your own backup at our location?

    Yes, this is possible at an additional cost. We are happy to discuss the options and costs that apply to the realization and data traffic with you.

  • How many versions of KLEKSI are there?

    There is always only 1 version of KLEKSI. KLEKSI is continuously developed for you. So you never have an outdated system and always the latest version. Customers with custom functions also have the same version. The custom-developed functions are separate from this.

Frequently asked questions about data

Below you will find the questions we are most frequently asked about the storage of data. Is your question not listed and do you have more questions? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on this website. We are happy to answer all your questions.

  • Does the data remain the property of the museum or heritage organisation?

    Yes, the data remains the property of the museum or heritage organization at all times.

  • Who has access to the data?

    We have full control over your content that you upload to the AWS services through KLEKSI.AWS provides an advanced set of access, encryption and logging functions so that we can apply it effectively.AWS provides APIs to configure access control permissions for all services we AWS does not access or use your content for any purpose without our permission. AWS never uses or extracts information from your content for marketing or advertising purposes.

  • Where is the data stored?

    We have set for KLEKSI Europe as the AWS region where your content is stored, we only replicate and back up your content on servers within Europe. AWS will not move or replicate this content outside of Europe without our permission, except as necessary to comply with the law or a binding order from a governmental authority.

  • How is the data secured?

    Among other things, we chose AWS for its industry-leading encryption features to protect your content in transit and at rest, AWS offers the ability to manage our own encryption keys. These data protection features include:

    - Data encryption capabilities available in over 100 AWS services.
    - Flexible key management options using AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

  • What about content disclosure?

    AWS will never disclose customer content unless required to do so to comply with the law or a binding order from a government agency. If a government agency sends AWS a request for customer content, it will direct the government agency to request that information directly from KLEKSI. If we are required to disclose customer content to a government agency, we will promptly notify our customers to enable them to seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy, unless prohibited by law.

  • What security guarantee does AWS offer over the data in KLEKSI?

    AWS has developed a security assurance program that leverages global privacy and data protection best practices to help you operate securely within KLEKSI and make the most of their security control environment. These security and auditing processes are independently validated by multiple independent third-party assessments.

Who is KLEKSI for

See below for whom KLEKSI can offer a solution.



Manage your collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and / or other objects in or from your museum.

Heritage institutions

Heritage institutions

Managing, archiving and digitizing the legacy for future generations.

Foundations and associations

Foundations and associations

Digitize, document and archive objects within your foundation or association.