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Discover why KLEKSI uses Amazon Web Service
Large organizations, from Netflix to Rabobank, rely on Amazon's AWS Cloud Platform. We have also chosen their innovations. AWS (Amazon Web Services) belongs to the 'magic quadrant' of cloud suppliers for a reason. On this page we explain what AWS is, why we chose it and what benefits it has for your museum or heritage organization.

About AWS (Amazon Web Services)

About AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is the largest cloud platform in the world and provides organizations with access to the latest technical innovations. KLEKSI is hosted at Amazon Web Services, and for good reason. Amazon Web Services, or AWS, offers endless possibilities. But what exactly is AWS? And what benefit does this have for your organization?

What is AWS?
By choosing AWS, we have access to a very fast, flexible IT environment where we can use the latest techniques. Is your collection growing and do you need more computing power and storage? KLEKSI grows with you. You no longer need to purchase servers or pay for unused compute capacity. KLEKSI wants to continue to innovate (together with you) and with AWS this can be done faster and more efficiently. With the help of AWS we can make use of the latest technological developments. Whether it concerns artificial intelligent (AI) and machine learning or the computing capacity of the Amazon supercomputer.

Quality and uptime

An important advantage of AWS is the quality and uptime. As a museum or heritage organization you naturally want your collection and the KLEKSI environment to be online and accessible at all times. To guarantee a high uptime, risks must be spread. This means that we as an organization should manage at least 2 servers so that we can always guarantee the uptime of one of the two.

This can still be done on a small scale, but it is cumbersome. On a large scale, however, guaranteeing uptime by managing multiple servers is virtually impossible. It is extremely expensive, inefficient, it takes a lot of time and we cannot guarantee the security of your data. This is why companies like Netflix host their services on AWS. Arranging hosting yourself on such a scale is simply not profitable. The advantage of AWS is that we spread hosting risks in one fell swoop in a cost-efficient manner. When a server goes offline or has other problems, this is automatically taken care of by another server. As a result, a high uptime can be guaranteed at many times lower costs than if we would arrange this ourselves with our own servers. With AWS we no longer have to spend time on peripheral matters and we can continue to focus on the further development of KLEKSI. AWS ensures that the server load is distributed over multiple servers, also known as load balancing. AWS also sends traffic to another server when the original server encounters problems, also known as high availability. This means that the KLEKSI environment and your data are always available to you.

Storage and backup of your data

Storage and backup of your data

Due to the infinite amount of computing power and storage, AWS is ideally suited for building (large) databases. For example, the storage space grows with the size of your data without downtime and due to the large computing power your data can be processed quickly and efficiently.

We provide storage and backup services that protect your data with unparalleled durability and security. Backups are protected with a data durability of 99.999999999%. Copies of all data uploaded are automatically created and stored on at least three physical servers. AWS storage services support industry-leading scalability, availability, durability, and security, so your backups are protected and available when you need them. And all this in a cost-effective and efficient way with pay-as-you-go prices.



Redundancy is crucial for the availability of KLEKSI and your data. Redundancy is achieved by duplicating components so that a replica is available when something goes down. If one of the components fails, the activities are seamlessly taken over by another component. Redundancy is basically a copy that runs alongside the original at the same time and is often confused with making a backup. In addition to redundancy, it is of course important that you also have a backup available at all times.

Seamlessly scaling server capacity
KLEKSI can scale seamlessly when needed. This means that when many users work with KLEKSI at the same time or when your data is collected by visitors to your website, the server capacity is automatically scaled up. Visitors are automatically redirected to another server to guarantee proper functioning. The traffic is distributed over the existing servers by means of a load balancer. This piece can be repeated almost infinitely if necessary. This benefits the health and availability of the KLEKSI environment and your data.

Costs for storage and data traffic

Costs for storage and data traffic

A Fair Use Policy applies to our licenses. This policy means that each user can use up to twice the average capacity of storage and data traffic. The actual user average is determined by us periodically on the basis of capacity usage by similar users. The advantage of such a construction is that a peak in your data traffic is not charged. We will only contact you if your data traffic is structurally too high.

Lots of storage and data traffic, you pay according to use
Do you expect a lot of data traffic? Or does your collection consist of many video files, sound files and/or documents, for example? You only pay for the storage and data traffic that you use, which means that the costs can be kept low. So you no longer have costs for capacity that you have available but that you do not use. In the example on the right you can see how this works in practice compared to the costs for use on a local server.

So you don't have to invest in your own servers, physical security or for system administrators who manage your server. These costs can be quite expensive. KLEKSI takes all these worries off your hands so that you can continue to focus on other activities within your organization.

Your data stays within the EU

Your data stays within the EU

Your data is stored on servers within Europe and does not leave the EU. AWS is fully compliant with European legislation and GDPR*. Securing your data is our top priority, and we achieve this with the help of AWS which has implemented rigorous technical and organizational measures to protect its confidentiality, integrity and availability for you.


Frequently asked questions about data

Below you will find the questions we are most frequently asked about the storage of data. Is your question not listed and do you have more questions? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on this website. We are happy to answer all your questions.

  • Does the data remain the property of the museum or heritage organisation?

    Yes, the data remains the property of the museum or heritage organization at all times.

  • Who has access to the data?

    We have full control over your content that you upload to the AWS services through KLEKSI.AWS provides an advanced set of access, encryption and logging functions so that we can apply it effectively.AWS provides APIs to configure access control permissions for all services we AWS does not access or use your content for any purpose without our permission. AWS never uses or extracts information from your content for marketing or advertising purposes.

  • Where is the data stored?

    We have set for KLEKSI Europe as the AWS region where your content is stored, we only replicate and back up your content on servers within Europe. AWS will not move or replicate this content outside of Europe without our permission, except as necessary to comply with the law or a binding order from a governmental authority.

  • How is the data secured?

    Among other things, we chose AWS for its industry-leading encryption features to protect your content in transit and at rest, AWS offers the ability to manage our own encryption keys. These data protection features include:

    - Data encryption capabilities available in over 100 AWS services.
    - Flexible key management options using AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

  • What about content disclosure?

    AWS will never disclose customer content unless required to do so to comply with the law or a binding order from a government agency. If a government agency sends AWS a request for customer content, it will direct the government agency to request that information directly from KLEKSI. If we are required to disclose customer content to a government agency, we will promptly notify our customers to enable them to seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy, unless prohibited by law.

  • What security guarantee does AWS offer over the data in KLEKSI?

    AWS has developed a security assurance program that leverages global privacy and data protection best practices to help you operate securely within KLEKSI and make the most of their security control environment. These security and auditing processes are independently validated by multiple independent third-party assessments.

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