Umbrella SaaS license

KLEKSI offers an umbrella license form for organizations within the heritage sector such as museums,
heritage institutions and cultural-historical associations that want to work together.

About this license form

The license concerns a customized solution that is calculated on the basis of the number of participating parties, the total number of objects to be registered and the amount of data. The license is purchased by one party, this may be the municipality.

Before installing the frontend for online visitors, it is important to know whether you want to display the joint data on a joint platform and/or whether each party should (also) be able to present its own data on their own website(s). The one-time installation costs depend on the number of participants.
We would be happy to discuss with you to find a solution that best suits your needs.

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Benefits of an umbrella license

Benefits of an umbrella license

Taking out an umbrella license and using a joint platform has a number of advantages for organizations within the heritage sector.

  • A joint platform connects participants
  • Knowledge and skills are shared within a collaboration
  • The total (local) heritage offer on one joint platform
  • A platform with the joint offer increases the attractiveness of the municipality
  • Being visible together helps to strengthen your municipality, both physically and online
  • A new way to bring heritage providers together
  • Your data worldwide visible and findable for online visitors
  • Essential to secure the future of your own organization
  • Participants become more visible and a serious discussion partner in the (local) consultation
  • All participants save on license and installation costs

For who is KLEKSI

KLEKSI is designed for a wide range of users. The system is ideal for organizations and professionals
responsible for managing, documenting and registering their collections and archives.
See below for whom KLEKSI can offer a solution.