KLEKSI is monitored 24/7

Whether you are an association or a large museum, you deserve good, reliable website monitoring.

KLEKSI is monitored 24/7

KLEKSI Uptime & Performance Monitoring

KLEKSI is monitored using Statuscake. This gives us 24/7 insight into the performance of KLEKSI. We monitor things like uptime, server monitoring, SSL monitoring, virus scan monitoring and page speed monitoring.

Uptime Monitoring

We test the availability of KLEKSI as often as necessary, automatically, from more than 28 countries worldwide, using the following protocols: HTTP, HEAD, TCP, DNS, SMTP, SSH, PING and PUSH. Uptime tests come in different forms, but they all share the same basic function - making sure your collection management system works without errors.

Server monitoring

Our Server Monitoring alerts when custom thresholds of RAM, CPU and disk usage are exceeded. Status cake helps us to tackle problems and prevent outages. This is one of the great advantages of server monitoring in addition to the standard monitoring processes, and at the same time we collect historical data on CPU, RAM and DISK usage - as well as all running processes

Page speed monitoring

We analyze the speed at which KLEKSI loads with Page Speed ​​Monitoring and track the page speed from different locations to see how this affects the performance of your website.

Virus scanning

We check 24/7 that KLEKSI is not infected with viruses, malware or other malicious threats that can harm our users. Our virus scan warns as soon as a threat is detected. The larger your collection - the more vulnerable it is to these types of attacks - so it's essential that we can diagnose any issues quickly!


Extensive reports on page uptime and page speed tests via set time frames. With web monitoring, a lot of data is collected on a constant basis, which means it is easy to miss important trends without proper storage, management and categorization of that data.

Worldwide test locations

The Internet is a complex system with regional lines from country to country, DNS systems ranging from ISP to ISP, and different levels of behind-the-scenes caching. When you monitor from just one location, you run the risk of a user in a particular country or even state level not being able to access your collection, and worst of all, you don't know about it, which is why we test from 48 locations in 28 countries. .

Who is KLEKSI for

See below for whom KLEKSI can offer a solution.



Manage your collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and / or other objects in or from your museum.

Heritage institutions

Heritage institutions

Managing, archiving and digitizing the legacy for future generations.

Foundations and associations

Foundations and associations

Digitize, document and archive objects within your foundation or association.