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KLEKSI offers the possibility to publish all or part of your collection online and present it to the visitors of your website. For this we offer a 'standard' interface with a very extensive search and filter functionality. If necessary, we can adapt it to the corporate identity of your website. For each object you can indicate whether you want to share it with the public or whether you want to keep the object private.

You have complete control over your collection. Anyone can manage, digitize and publish a collection with KLEKSI, regardless of your knowledge.

More about KLEKSI
  • "Museum Thorn has chosen KLEKSI after an extensive market survey because KLEKSI excels in making objects in the museum collection available online."

    Wim Boonen - Chairman Museum Thorn

KLEKSI makes your collection, exhibition and museum easier to find

The frontend, the search function and filter option for visitors, will be installed on your own (existing) domain name.
KLEKSI is SEO technically optimized so that your collection is indexed perfectly by search engines.
The more visitors discover your collection, the more visitors you will eventually attract to your exhibition or museums.

Why users love it

  • Usability

    A versatile system that allows you to manage your collection(s) in a very user-friendly way.

  • Professional front end

    Your collection professionally presented online, SEO optimized, linked to statistics.

  • Fully web-based

    KLEKSI can be reached everywhere via the internet, so you can also work on your collection(s) at home.

  • Flexible and expandable

    Manage and add collections, objects, object types, object data and users yourself.

  • Handy photo editing tool

    With KLEKSI you can easily edit your photos or crop details.

  • Multiple users

    Depending on the license, you can add and manage the administrators of your collection yourself.

  • Backups and Security

    Your data is stored securely and your data is backed up every day.

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For who is KLEKSI

KLEKSI is designed for a wide range of users. The system is ideal for organizations and professionals
responsible for managing, documenting and registering their collections and archives.
See below for whom KLEKSI can offer a solution.