For historical associations, KLEKSI is a permanent preservation of what was made today and yesterday

There are more than 1,000 historical foundations and associations in the Netherlands and Belgium, mainly concerned with the history of a village, district, city or region. Some organizations focus on an aspect of history, such as World War II, archeology, genealogy, or historical geography.

Each collection of material tells us something about the time it was made. If we also want to be able to form a picture of what happened in the past in the future, the key to this is the permanent preservation of what was made today and yesterday. Documenting and digitizing objects for posterity as well as possible is therefore of great importance. KLEKSI helps heritage institutions with this and makes managing collections very easy.

With KLEKSI, heritage institutions make their collection (s) (in whole or in part) accessible to the public, and it is ensured that future generations can also form a picture of the past on the basis of these objects.

KLEKSI makes your collection, exhibition and / or association easier to find

The frontend, the search function and filter option for visitors, will be installed on your own (existing) domain name.
KLEKSI is SEO technically optimized so that your collection is indexed perfectly by search engines.
The more visitors discover your collection, the more visitors you will eventually attract to your exhibition and / or association.

Why users love it

  • Usability

    A versatile system that allows you to manage your collection(s) in a very user-friendly way.

  • Professional front end

    Your collection professionally presented online, SEO optimized, linked to statistics.

  • Fully web-based

    KLEKSI can be reached everywhere via the internet, so you can also work on your collection(s) at home.

  • Flexible and expandable

    Manage and add collections, objects, object types, object data and users yourself.

  • Handy photo editing tool

    With KLEKSI you can easily edit your photos or crop details.

  • Multiple users

    Depending on the license, you can add and manage the administrators of your collection yourself.

  • Backups and Security

    Your data is stored securely and your data is backed up every day.

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Who is KLEKSI for

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Manage your collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and / or other objects in or from your museum.

Heritage institutions

Heritage institutions

Managing, archiving and digitizing the legacy for future generations.

Foundations and associations

Foundations and associations

Digitize, document and archive objects within your foundation or association.